Your Sensual Guide to Morning Sex!

Those in favor of morning sex, raise your hand! There are countless reasons to love morning sex, even when getting naughty in the early hours seems like a stretch. Morning has not quite been on the list of most popular bedroom scenario, and unrightfully so.

According to sex experts, morning sex doesn’t revolve around the idea of erotic pleasure alone but also has many health-related benefits as well. If you need a bit of sensuality, intimacy, and a splash of raunchiness in your sex life, here are the 4 fabulous tips to rely on!   

Take Some Alone Time For Morning Sex!

Mornings are slow and easygoing, so if you want to do your morning sex a favor, take some time to play with yourself first. Caress yourself with excitement and arousal and let your mood build slowly. If you want, you can invite the woman to play along, so you can both masturbate in front of each other and let the sexual vibe grow on its own.

Next Stop, Oral!

Penetrative sex has its advantages, but in the morning, put it off as much as you can. After your solo session, move on to oral pleasure- giving it and receiving it. Being in a dreamy state will give you a whole new sensation of oral pleasure, and will come as a pleasant surprise for the woman as well. Finally, if there ever was a perfect time to get into the 69 position you’ve been avoiding, this is it. 

Morning Shower Sex Foreplay Is a Must!

If you are usually busy in the mornings, you can skip the slow-burn fun and move on to the shower as soon as you wake up. Invite your date or partner to join in and use the splashes of warm water to get into foreplay. Keep in mind that shower sex doesn’t have to always end with penetration (or an orgasm), so instead of rushing to the finish line, take your time with feeling yourselves out.

Spooning for the Laziest!

If nothing else works for your morning sex routine, spooning sensually might do the trick. Spooning is a great way to build intimacy and closeness, and you can do it in so many ways, too. If you are worried about your morning breath (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), you can take on the role of the big spoon and tease the woman from behind.

Feeling refreshed already, aren’t you?

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