Questions Women Want to Know About You and Sex…But Won’t!

Whenever you have sex with a woman, whether it is a one-night stand or a permanent partner, you can be certain she will have some questions for you. However, just because a woman wants to know details about the type of sex partner you are, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to ask.

Here are 5 Questions Women Want to Know About You and Sex, but decides not to.

Will You Mind If I Don’t Orgasm?

Although proper foreplay can make your partner very happy, not all women orgasm during sex, and for several reasons, too. From stress to worrying or just not feeling your vibe, an orgasm is not always the finish line for women. At the same time, a woman will wonder if you’d take this personally, but she’d never dare to ask. And no, you should not hold it against her. Ever.

Are You a Fan of Going Down on a Woman?

Yes, you might be a fan, but some men don’t prefer giving their partners oral pleasure. And for women, that sucks. But, instead of asking about it or saying she wants it, a woman would feel more comfortable to know this upfront. Because, ultimately, oral sex and women go hand in hand, and if you can be that guy…it’s your loss.

Are You Circumcised?

Before even having sex with you, a woman would want to know if you had been circumcised or not. Normally, most men are circumcised, but if you are not part of that group, you can easily surprise your partner. And while there’s no point in making a statement of it, it is good to answer the question in a more obvious way.

Does Your Semen Smell?

Even though contact with semen is not as uncommon, the erotic liquid has always been seen as yucky, so a woman would want to know if this is the case with you. Most times, semen is just semen, but if you do happen to have an odor issue, let it be known ahead of time.

Will you masturbate after this?

Most women are aware that men enjoy masturbation whenever they can play on their own. But, secretly, what she really wants to know is if you’ll masturbate after you and she are done playing in the bedroom. Yeah, it’s not the most common question of all, but definitely a valid one.


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