6 Things Women Wrongfully Think Men Want in Bed!

Being the indulgers they are, women want to make sure men feel nurtured and pleased during sex. However, at times, even women tend to get things wrong. Namely, there are quite a few things women are convinced that all men like.

Unfortunately, men have a problem speaking up, even when it comes to sexual likes and dislikes. To save them the trouble of ever doing so, here are 6 things that women think men like in bed, but they don’t.

Orgasm Noise!

Many women are certain that men find their orgasmic screams arousing. While for some this might be true, most men actually prefer moans and dirty talk more than screamers. So, unless your woman is a natural screamer, feel at liberty to speak up and find a happy middle.   

Baby Talk!

Does it get any more annoying? Unless we are talking about a fetish of sorts, men will tell you that baby talk is not a sexual kink of theirs. On the contrary, overusing baby voices in bed can spoil the fun and atmosphere, so it’s best you steer clear from it.

Deep Throat!

It’s not that men don’t prefer giving the standard blowjob a ‘deeper’ twist, it’s that deep-throating is not the only kink they’re after. Namely, most men enjoy being stimulated through a woman’s hands and the tip of their tongue, which leaves plenty to the imagination.

Overdoing It!

Men find it excessive when a woman likes to do all things possible in bed. Yes, it is all about pleasure, but it is not about making things uncomfortable or worse, awkward. Men are simple in sex and can really enjoy ‘vanilla’ doggy style or oral sex if done right.

Overusing Names!

Just as much as women like hearing their partner scream their name in bed, men just don’t. While it’s fine to hear your own name a few times, overdoing it can be quite obnoxious. And with so many sexy nicknames at hand, switching things up from time to time is fairly easy.

No Eye Contact

For women, eye contact during sex oftentimes feels overbearing, so most of them tend to avoid it. However, women are wrong in thinking that men don’t enjoy eye contact at all. On the contrary, men find a great thrill in looking into a woman’s eyes while pleasuring her in bed. Also, keeping eyes closed at all times is sort of odd.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a36966/things-women-think-guys-want-in-bed-but-they-dont/

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