5 Women Sex Secrets They Keep to Themselves!

Sexual fantasies are petty common, which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that many women have them. But, when speaking of sex fantasies, women are a tad mysterious and reserved. There are many hidden sexual desires that women have, but more often than not, they decide to keep these wants all to themselves.

If you are interested in digging deeper inside a woman’s brain to unravel their deepest sexual appetites, here are 5 Women Sex Secrets that they won’t share with you.

Don’t Like Prolonged Sex!

Men usually think that women crave long, sensual and never-ending sexual experiences. However, women are not as big of fans of long-lasting sex as you might think. When sex lasts too long, or longer than usual, most women will get tired and even lose their desire along the way. In short, most women prefer to experience sex as an erotic act, which doesn’t always have to drag on for hours, but rather, sticks to the point.

Women Sex Secrets: Choose Sex before Romance !

Although romance plays a significant role in a woman’s sexual experience, it is not always a direct part of it. Women enjoy all sorts of romantic gestures, but in sex, they often crave something a bit raunchier. And even though you cannot go wrong with playing sensual music or lighting up candles, a woman will also fantasize about you ripping off her clothes and showing her what sex looks like at its most primal.

Giving up Control!

In sex, most women will gladly give up control and let you set the pace. In real life, women are too busy managing everything from their careers to their home life, so sex is a great way to let go of control and surrender to the thrill. Plus, there is this silent demand on behalf of women for you to man up in bed and take pleasure in your own hands- so feel free to do it. 

Women Sex Secrets: Newness!

Much like men, women also get saturated with sex as they know it. In addition, women enjoy changing things up in the bedroom and going the distance in trying new things. If you were thinking about proposing a certain sex scenario to your partner, go ahead and do so! You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you were both on the same page all along. 

Any Time of Day!

Women enjoy all sorts of sex and like to explore everything from morning quickies to outdoor experiences and secret getaways at night. And although women go crazy for solid foreplay, sometimes a purely sexual experience in the shower or inside your car might be the answer you were looking for.

Source: http://www.getfrank.co.nz/dating-romance-relationships/sex/5-sex-secrets-she-will-never-reveal-to-you

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