8 Things Every Woman Wants in Sex!

Far from the orgasm, penetration, and single-sided pleasure, woman wants in sex. Yes, we are talking about passion, attention; time, and devotion to her satisfaction- all those things that often get overshadowed by the sole act that is sex.

In all fairness, women are not always outspoken about what they want out of their sexual experiences; which can leave many ‘trying’ men confused and unsure of what to do.

Below, let’s unravel 8 key things all women crave from men during sex.  

Assuming is the worst!

Don’t go guessing how a woman like her body touched and stimulated- you might be wrong. While some women prefer intensity and power in sex, others opt for a more sensual and intimate experience. Out with the assumptions and in with the asking.

Woman Wants in Sex is Talking dirty!

Again, not all women enjoy the same levels of dirty talking, which can go from mild to seriously provocative. When going for a sexy talk during sex, follow the woman’s responses to your words; and figure out how deep you to take your conversation next.


Many men tend to forget the sexual power kissing has prior to, during, and after sex. A major part of your foreplay, use your lips; tongue, and teeth to entice your woman into loving every bit of your creative foreplay skills. 

Woman Wants in Sex is Cleanness!

Hygiene, minty breath, and good-looking, no-socks-on feet can add quality to your sexual escapades. Along with personal hygiene; also make sure your room, bed, and sex props (hello, toys!) are always clean and neat, too.

Dullness is a buzz-kill!

One of the worst things you can do for your sex life is to ignore the fact that it is getting a bit stale. If you want to impress a woman in bed over and over again; introducing some creativity and change into your known routine is essential.

Erogenous zones is Woman Wants in Sex!

Yes, massaging the clitoris and nipples have long been functional techniques to turn a woman on. But, what about all the other erogenous zones waiting for your touch? With over twenty different hotspots on a woman’s body, you are looking at one rich playfield of still-undiscovered pleasure.

The top!

If a woman is on top; the last thing you want to do is get lazy and be a silent observant. Sexual thrill is meant to be shared, so even if you get a slice of pleasure all for yourself; don’t forget that someone else is waiting on their turn, too. 

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