What to Ask Women about Sex?

What do women want you to know about sex and themselves? Interestingly, popular opinion would have you thinking that women don’t like to debate sex that often. This is a completely wrong perception, as women crave to share some details about your sex life, but just don’t know how to pull it off.

Enter, the question and answer game. If you’re feeling like learning how to improve your sex life altogether, here are 4 of the sex-related questions, what to ask women about sex?

How Long Do You Want Sex to Last?

Finding the perfect duration of your sex adventures is important, and trust me, women have to say plenty on the topic. That said, not all women appreciate overly long sex, and not all women appreciate quickies.

The best way to learn how long your sex adventures should be is by asking your partner loud and clear.

Do You Want Me to Use a Vibrator?

Understand this, women and orgasms are a complicated combination. Moreover, for most women, an orgasm doesn’t come as quickly as you see it in the movies. Because of that, it might be time you step up your game and bring in toys in bed. Vibrators are a popular option, as they provide women with the pressure, movement and speed that awards them an orgasm.

Also, vibrators come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for more than just clitoral stimulation. And if we are guessing right, offering to bring a vibrator in bed will be more than welcomed by your partner.

What to Ask Women about Sex: Is It Too Wet?

Wetness plays a key role in making sex smoother, more comfortable and ultimately, more arousing. However, there is such a thing as being too wet. Some women have greater natural lubrication than others, which can sometimes get in the way of feeling all the right sensations.

Because of that, we advise you to bring in a few clean tissues to bed and ask your partner if she needs some wiping. Ah, it may sound cheesy to you, but her orgasm will prove you wrong.

What to Ask Women about Sex: Do You Want to Stop?

This is probably the most important question you will have to ask your partner during sex. Women get distracted by all sorts of things- from not feeling themselves, to stress and even a fight they had with a colleague.

So, if you notice your woman to be disconnected in bed or just ‘over it’, offer to stop any action for the time being. As simple as it sounds, this effective tip can ultimately boost the quality of your sex life.

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