10 Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry (vol.2)

Having sex without having fiery chemistry feels like fishing out in the dry. And although sex is sex, Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry can really make the experience even more intimate and personal. But, how does chemistry happen? Well, for some chemistry is almost instant. For others, however, making superb chemistry happen takes work.

If you are interested in having not just regular, but actually incredible, juicy and oh-so-naughty sex, here are 5 more ways to create sexual chemistry ahead of time.

Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry: Lingerie!

Nothing screams more arousal than a nicely selected underwear for your special hot date. For women, it is easier, with countless lingerie options available. For men, however, choosing great underwear can be trickier, but when done right, it can really get your partner excited about sex. If neither you nor your partner own a hot pair of underwear, do yourselves a favor and buy some for your next bedroom date.

No Clinginess!

One of the things that kill great chemistry is clinginess and nagging. In essence, no partner wants to be taking care of the other, and when this is done excessively, the sense of chemistry can easily fade. To avoid this, keep in mind that both of you are your own individuals and have your individual desires, and clinginess is not the way to keep your partner’s interest. Interestingly, when you give your partner the room he or she needs, you will fortify the chemistry and sexual need for each other. 

Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry: Exercise!

Both men and women will agree that maintaining a healthy physical appearance is a great way to spark chemistry. When you work out, you feel better, and when you feel better, you can connect more sexually to your partner. A fit body is a great trigger for erotic arousal, so the more you care for it, the better sex you’ll have. Yes, it’s that simple.


Nothing kills chemistry more than a routine sex agenda or dullness. To avoid this, you should always keep the relationship and the sex fresh. Whether you try out a new position in bed, or you simply go for a weekend getaway, doing something new with your partner will keep your chemistry in check.

Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry: Body Language!

When words are too much, trust body language to fix your lost sexual chemistry. There are many ways to make body language your ally, including engaging in PDA, being naked around your partner more often or even flashing just enough skin to provoke their interest.  

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/sexual-chemistry

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