Ways to Build Lasting Chemistry (vol.1)

It goes without saying, chemistry and sex go hand in hand. That said, chemistry is not something that just happens naturally, although it might. But, on occasions when your chemistry needs an extra push, you should work harder at making it happen.

Of course, creating ravishing Lasting Chemistry might mean you’ll need to put in extra efforts, and to do that, here are 10 tactics to try.

Lasting Chemistry: Common Hobbies!

Couples who do things together have better bedroom chemistry. Whether we are talking spending a day in nature or watching a game together, finding a hobby that makes both of you happy is a great way to connect. Just as important as finding a common hobby with your partner is, it is also relevant that you make necessary compromises and enjoy the things your partner wants.

Hard to Get!

A little resistance in your relationship will work great for building solid chemistry in bed. When you play hard to get, your partner feels the need to chase you, which can then create unbelievable sexual arousal. It is no secret that men and women like a good challenge, so playing hard-to-get can be a great technique to try and boost your chemistry. In doing so, make sure that for every time you pose as untouchable, you also reward your partner for trying to get you.

Lasting Chemistry: Compliments!

One of the best ways to ensure great chemistry, in bed and out of it, is by paying compliments, and lots of them. Men and women all love to be complimented on how they look or make you feel, and the more you compliment your partner, the better response you’ll get. That said, it is also important that you compliment your partner only when you mean it, so they don’t feel like you are trying too hard.

Touch and Talk!

Having meaningful conversations with your partner always works better when you also include a bit of touching. Simple gestures like caressing your partner’s hair, face or arms can cause them to feel safe and wanted, which will then do wonders for your bedroom chemistry. When it comes to the touch-and-talk routine, you don’t have to have sex in mind to do it, so the more you practice it in everyday life, the greater your chemistry will grow.

Lasting Chemistry: Flirting!

Remember how fun it was to flirt with your partner until they were almost begging for you to take them to bed? There is no reason flirting should ever leave your relationship, so if you lost the practice in time, find a way to bring it back. Flirting and chemistry are dependent on each other, so the more you do the former the more the latter will evolve.

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/sexual-chemistry

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