Ways to Use Your Sex Toys Properly (vol.2)

There are lots of reasons why sex toys are popular among couples across the globe. If you know how to pick them, you will be looking at endless orgasms, maximum pleasure and a night to remember. But now, we already discussed some of the best ways to ways to use your sex toys properly, and that list is not over yet.

Trust me, when using sex toys, it is always better to have the intel than go the wrong way. And in doing so, here are 4 more ways to enhance your sex toy shenanigans. 

Instructions are for Reading

I know, you see a sex toy and are certain you can make it work. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sex toy instructions are there for a reason. So, when using a sex toy, especially a new one, it is worth reading the manual. In it, you might find anything, from other ways of using your toy to ways to keep it clean. That said, you should also check app-operated sex toys as well, as they often include instructions within the app.

Use Your Sex Toys Properly: Precaution First!

We know you love using sex toys, but are you careful enough in doing so? According to experts, no sex toy is to be misused or repurposed, as they all have a specific target. When it comes to sex toys, keep them spotless and clean at all times, and have separate cases for each. Try not to use the same sex toy for different penetration points, so keep your anal and vaginal devices separate.

Reservation Is Out of the Question

When playing with sex toys, it is safe to say you should leave shyness to the side. Using sex toys is nothing to be dreaded, as they make you feel good, give you plenty of orgasms and using them alone or/and with your partner is much fun. Experimenting with sex toys comes with experience, so don’t expect to be into everything just yet. 

Use Your Sex Toys Properly: Who Is It For?

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes we make when using sex toys is thinking they only serve one partner. Well, that’s wrong, and all sex toys can be used differently by both partners. What’s more interesting is that some toys are so creative, they can be used by both partners and at the same tie. If you never thought about borrowing your partner’s sex toy, now’s the time to do it.

Source: https://www.self.com/story/sex-toy-mistakes

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