Ways to Use Your Sex Toys Properly (vol.1)

Thank heavens for sex toys, right? With a colorful selection and plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, sex toys can spice up your sex life. However, as much as we like using sex toys, sometimes we just don’t use them right. The excitement of owning a handful of sexy toys for yourself and your partner, but even so, you could be doing a few mistakes when using them.

If you want to up your game, here are ways to Use Your Sex Toys Properly. 

Wash Them as You Mean It!

Not the sexiest thing to discuss on this list, I know, but top-notch hygiene does make sense. Keeping your sex toys super clean after using them will save you the trouble of dealing with bacteria and germs. Besides, you will also avoid exposure to UTIs, which will then delay sex even more. If you are extra cautious, or just experiment-oriented, you can also use condoms on toys that fit one and make sex super-neat and desirable.

Use Your Sex Toys Properly: The Right Toy!

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex toys is that each type fits everyone’s style. People want to try a little bit of anything, and we get it. Still, sex toys can be quite particular, and be used solely for anal sex, stimulating, penetration, etc. Therefore, it is important you figure out which toys work the best for your sex life, and grow your preferences from there.

Orgasm on Your Mind!

Whenever couples are using a sex toy, they automatically expect it to help them orgasm. If this is what you could be thinking as well, you are thinking wrong. Experimenting with sex toys is about testing your boundaries to pleasure and keeping it fun, so taking your orgasm expectations out of the picture is encouraged.

Use Your Sex Toys Properly: Play Nice!

Whenever using sex toys, make sure you are not considering only your pleasure. At times, we all like to be a little selfish and choose a toy that works for us. And that is fine because we deserve it. But then, so does your partner, so you should keep your sex toy collection versatile and unisex.

Is Lube Even Real?

Sex experts have said it themselves, lubricant and sex toys go well like salt and pepper. Spices aside, a lubricant is one of the smoothest ways to enhance sex toy play for both you and your partner. Lubricants also come in varieties, so mix and match your products for the ultimate vibrating experience. If you haven’t used lubricant for your sex toys yet, you are about to boost your game and don’t even know it.

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