What Type of Sex Are You Having? (Vol. 2)

Type of sex is a never-ending field of exploration and adventurism, presenting us with countless ways of having it and enjoying it. Versatile and engaging, the types of sex we have speak volumes about what we are looking for in the bedroom. With various types of sex already listed in our Volume 1 blog, below we continue to unravel the layers of sexual exploration in all its glory!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Type of Sex We Practice:

Novelty Sex

Perfect for when you get bored with the traditional, novelty sex always brings something new to the bed. If regular sex doesn’t do it for you, a Kama Sutra guidebook might. Rich in ideas, concepts, and sex poses to explore, novelty sex is all about learning your boundaries while having fun at the same time!

Recreational Sex

Recreational sex is a great way to let off some steam without having to label the relationship. Good as a mood (and ego) booster, recreational sex allows you to go wild and free without feeling the burden of a relationship.


If you are ready to take your sex game a level higher, cybersex is the way to go. Whether it is a hot phone sex session, steamy sexting late at night or on-camera sex activities, cybersex lets you be creative and get aroused without the magic of physical contact. Perfect for long-distance relationships and curios couples, cybersex can be just as pleasing as regular sex. Of course, when engaging in cybersex of any kind, take privacy and discretion into consideration as well. 

The ‘No-Sex’ Sex

Ideal for religious individuals or those who are keen on waiting, the no-sex type of sex excludes penetration but allows you to do everything in between. Here, it is important to figure out your boundaries and respect them, but if done right, it can be a great way to spice things up on a whole new level.

Friends with Benefits

Probably one of the most practiced forms of sex nowadays, a friend with benefits is a sexual ally indeed! Casual, non-committing and always beneficial for both parties, friends-with-benefits sex can be a little miracle worker for your love life…if you learn how to put emotions to the side.

Outdoor Sex

Get out of your comfort zone, and take sex out of the bedroom for once! Find a hidden street corner, a park bench, or take a car ride to a nearby hilltop, and allow yourself to enjoy a one-of-a-kind sexual experience that will certainly get your heart racing in no time!

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