What Type of Sex Are You Having? (Vol. 1)

If you can count on one thing people have become creative with, type of sex. As a matter of fact, sex opens the doors to more exploration now than it did during any other period in time. And thank heavens for that!

Today, sex is all about coming up with the next best way to provide and get pleasure. With so many types of sex involved, it is almost difficult to keep up a strong pace. But, we do try, and honestly, our efforts have led us to compiling a list of the most popular forms of getting laid today.

When it comes to sex, there is a plentitude of options to choose from, and below, we’re about to list every one of them.

Type of Sex We Have Invented

  • Make-up sex

Nothing screams an explosion of sexual excitement much like make-up sex. Fight a little, enjoy a little. Really, there’s nothing quite like it.

  • Sympathy sex

Although not on the most-wanted list, sympathy sex works excellent for those who enjoy extra attention…even if due to pity.

  • Marathon sex

Pulling an all-nighter in the bedroom is as satisfying as getting laid gets. Yes, it does require stamina and a committed partner, but if done right, it will leave you pleasantly sore and sleeping like a baby.

  • Celebration Sex

Hitting the bedroom after an anniversary, promotion, a birthday bash or any other celebratory event is the way to go! Sexy, hot and downright experimental, celebration sex is a must!

  • Emotional Sex

If done with the right person, emotional sex can be very fulfilling, emotionally and physically. Of course, if love is not part of the equation, steer clear of showing drastic emotions.

  • Booty Call

Ah, yes, the good ole’ ‘call me up at 2 am and I’ll be there to screw your brains out’. Booty calls are the most popular form of sex today, and it all has to do with adrenaline, keeping things casual and exploring.

  • Enticement Sex

Enticement sex is defined by seducing your way to the bedroom, choosing no methods or means while doing it. It can be mind-blowing, for sure, and it will definitely fulfill your wildest desires, as well!

  • Drunk Sex

A drink or one too many can lead to some steamy time spent in the bedroom. Still, do yourself a favor and think twice about going for drunk sex with everyone…or everywhere.

  • Sensual Sex

Whether tantric or just slow, sensual sex can be pleasing to both partners…if they have the will to wait and have some fun. And yes, mind-blowing orgasms come to those who know how to enjoy the magic of sensual sex.

  • The Risky Sex

Having sex with your parents/kids/guests etc. in the other room can be risky, but also oh-so-good! Keep in mind, though, ‘they might hear us’ is a fun sex game to play if you don’t actually get caught. Then it’s just uncomfortable for everyone.

With so much more to list, feel free to read the full list of your favorite sex scenarios, and as always, stay safe and stay curious! 

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Source: https://drgeraldstein.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/the-top-forty-sex-list-why-every-sexual-encounter-is-not-the-same/

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