Wrongful Things Popular Culture Taught Us about Sex!

When it comes to sex, plenty of what we know and do revolves around what urban culture taught us. Unfortunately, as much as we appreciate pop culture; the general norm of what goes and doesn’t in sex has been wrongly presented for so many years. Most of the things we see about sex on TV or in books derail from what sex actually is. In a way, that has led us to believe that sex is only done a particular way.

Not only is that not right but here are 4 of the most wrongful concepts about sex that we believe to be true because things popular culture taught us about sex.

Protection, Who?

When pop culture deals with sex, it oftentimes leaves out the important bits that make sex safe. Never have we heard STIs and STDs become a problem during sex; and the worst part about it is that pop culture pretends these issues don’t exist. But they do. Mostly, what we see from pop culture is depicting sexual problems as mere symptoms that just ‘go away’. However, if not informed, not only will these issues become reality; it will also spoil all enjoyment sex has to offer. 

Things Popular Culture Taught Us about Sex: Virginity and Timing!

For whatever reason, our sexual culture has taught us that our virginity is to be lost at a certain time in our lives. Sort of a cliché concept, virginity has slowly become an anticipating fear among many women; who either feel unready to go through with sex for the first time or when they do, they have a horrible experience with it.

What Gives?

Again, in modern-day times, sex seems like this idyllic practice where even on the first meet, anything goes. Well, in practice, having sex with someone for the first time is much more awkward and not an open field. And while being wild and going for all sexual pleasures on your date is amazing; that still shouldn’t make an all-in experience. Are you entitled to a handjob or a blowjob during sex? Not really, and definitely not every time you craved it.

Things Popular Culture Taught Us about Sex: Vanilla!

In the movies, shows and sometimes books, sex is usually presented as a hot, vanilla experience, but nothing more. And because many people are convinced that this is what sex is supposed to look like; we forget to have fun with it. Vanilla sex is great, don’t get me wrong; but despite what pop culture teaches us, BDSM, threesomes and anal play are just as great.

Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/45826-6-seriously-damaging-things-about-sex-that-pop-culture-has-made-us-believe

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