Sexy Things Women Want!

If your first guess about what women want in bed is a long penis, you’d be wrong. Although we said it times and times before, it is worth to say it one more time- size doesn’t make the perfect lover. That said, there are many other things women would rather have you focus on in bed. In all truth, women are not as complex during sex as you might think, and the things they want from you are easily done and effective.

If you were wondering what women want from men in bed, have a look at our sexy list below.

Things Women Want: Endurance!

To women, size is far less important than endurance. Providing your woman with longer and wholesome pleasure during sex is more significant than just going into action. Yes, you want to show off your girth and length but what will actually work to your benefit (and your partner’s) doesn’t have to do with size but prolonged kissing, teasing, and stimulating.


Let’s get honest here, no women will see you as a true lover if your hygiene sucks. That said, showering often and grooming your private area will earn you bonus points when in bed. Also, women respond incredibly to a man who smells divinely and knows how to work his body. Isn’t it incredible to think how a pedicure can be sexier for women than a big bulge?

Do as You Please!

A woman might not say it, but she wants her body to be the temple of pleasure for her man. Therefore, many women enjoy the idea of serving as pleasure ‘fleshlights’ to their partners, with whom they can do as they please. As long as you have the go-ahead to use your partner’s body for your own sexual thrill, go for it, just remember to always return the favor.

Things Women Want: Vocals!

If you didn’t know it by now, here it is- all women like men who are vocal in bed! A simple truth really, something about having your man moan and groan for you is simply irresistible for women. If you want to properly satisfy your woman in bed, let your voice and therefore, your pleasure, be heard loud and clear.


Yes, you might know how to make your partner orgasm, but did you know you can stimulate women to have different kinds of orgasms? Instead of being guided by what you know, experiment in bed and show your woman that you are ready to please her in more than one way.


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