4 Ways to Fix Sexual Frustration!

No one wants to feel sexually frustrated, but then, it is quite a common occurrence among men and women. Sexual frustration can come out of many things, such as excessive stress, emotional imbalance; loss of intimate connection, or inability to orgasm. Regardless of the cause, feeling unhappy during sex is not the state one would want to see themselves in; and you shouldn’t. While sexual frustration is bound to happen, especially in long-term relationships, there are many effective ways to go around it or fix it.

Below, we list 4 tactics on how you can stop feeling sexual anguish and being feeling all the arousing thrills that come with!   

Sexual Frustration: Exercise!

It is not said enough how much exercise keeps our sexual lives in check. Exercise helps your body and brain release all happy hormones, including oxytocin and dopamine; which then put you in a blissful mood and help your sex life thrive. The more you exercise, the better you’ll perform in bed, and not just that- you will be able to learn more about the body; connect to your partner physically and emotionally, and let go of the stress you accumulated.

Whenever working out is impossible, try meditating before having sex just to take the edge off and give yourself the freedom to experiment. 

Solid Sleep Pattern!

One of the reasons why you may be feeling sexually revolted is because you are not sleeping enough or sleep improperly. An eight-hour sleep is a must if you want to feel good, do good in bed, and stay healthy. Sometimes, sleeping issues such as insomnia or nightly alertness can contribute to your sexual frustration; so have in mind that when your body and spirit are exhausted, sexual frustration is bound to happen.

A Sex Therapist!

A sex therapist is not as scary of a concept as you might think. If you are feeling sexually unhappy; seeing a sex therapist can help you sort out your issues with clarity and ease. Usually, visiting a sex therapist means talking openly about your sex life; laying out the issues that bother you, and doing small exercises that will help you overcome your limitations in sex.

Sexual Frustration: Touches!

To get your sexual excitement on point, try going back to the romantic and intimate side of it. Simple things like hugging your partner, kissing her neck; or just vocalizing sexy things she wants to hear will get the tension out of your bedroom expectations.

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