Sexual Desire: Types, Differences, and Tips!

Speaking in terms of pleasure, desire seems to be a pretty obvious concept. But, did you that, when it comes to sexual desire, there are two main types to distinguish? It sounds all too scientific but knowing the difference between the different types of desire can significantly improve your sex life.

In addition, let’s discuss the two main types of sexual desire; the way they differ, and the benefits that come from experiencing both!

Spontaneous vs. Responsive Sexual Desire: The Difference

According to sex science, the two kinds of sexual desire include spontaneous and responsive desire. Having experienced one or both kinds is quite healthy and normal. Sadly, not many people are able to even tell the difference between these two concepts. By definition, spontaneous desire is the one that happens (sort of!) on its own; whereas responsive desire is the one you intentionally engage into.

What Kind of Sexual Desire Are You Experiencing?

While many are able to experience responsive desire, there are still plenty of people who struggle with spontaneous desire. Usually, this has to do with having high expectations of what spontaneous means to you, and the quality of your sex affairs. In addition, science notes that sometimes your body works ‘seasonally’- at times letting you be spontaneous and other times, making you work for it. 

Embracing Responsive Desire!

Responsive desire doesn’t mean you have every detail planned out. Sometimes, all you might want is to enjoy a massage and see where it goes, right? Responsive desire is what keeps your sex life steady and active, as you cannot really rely on spontaneity.

To enhance your responsive sexual desire, here are some effective tips to follow:

Schedule sex – it might not be the most go-with-the-flow idea in the world; but scheduling sex will give you a thrill to look forward to.

Don’t be the only one who initiates- in other words; let your date and partner get a taste for it and say it. 

Don’t treat sex as a race- rather, slow your pace and think pleasure first.  

Use pleasure-enhancing products- you know- lubes, toys, props, language, etc. 

Do your research- find out how to rebuild your desire; prolong it, and have it serve you instead of the other way round.

In the meantime, don’t let your spontaneity evaporate; and rely on your creativity and innovation skills to show up to the bedroom as you own it!

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