Sex Up Your Valentines Day with These 8 Ideas!

If intimacy, romance, and a dose of lust sound just like your ideal Valentine’s Day, get ready to be creative! Valentine’s Day can be so much more than just a dinner date and a nice bottle of wine, and all of it just might have to do with being naughty in all the right ways.

And before you let routine take over, here are 8 original ideas Sex Up Your Valentines Day

Sex Up Your Valentines Day: A Sexy Survey!

To learn everything your partner enjoys doing with you and vice versa, compose a survey and ask your heart out. And then, quit the asking and on to the doing!

Finish the sentence

The naughty version of finish the sentence should be exciting, unpredictable and always, always sexy. Begin the game by starting a sentence (e.g. Red reminds me of…) and let your partner finish it.

Sex Up Your Valentines Day: Options!

Plan out your sexy night together by sharing two options for different things. For instance, give your partner a choice between two fine wines, and she can then send you lingerie options. Do the same with meal options, rubbing oils, bedding and any other sexy detail in need of discussion.

Elevator Play

Truly, any elevator will do for this one. While waiting to arrive at your destination, fool around with your partner. A little touch here and there, a dramatic push against the elevator wall will get you a long way.

2 Minutes in Heaven

A sexy game to play, you can download printable sheets and get to learn all details that make the game inviting and irresistible.

Sex Up Your Valentines Day: Cooking Naked!

This one is pretty self-explanatory, so get into nothing but your aprons and cook something sexy and fun! And while you’re there, throw in a bit of erotic food fun, too!

Self-Pleasure, Instructed

There is something so delightful about watching each other masturbate, but there’s always a way to add a twist to the game. Instead of going with your preferred route, have your partner instruct you to an orgasm. Then, you guide your partner into what you’d like to see her do, and enjoy the show!

Lay It on the Ground

Whatever your naughty plans for Valentine’s Day are, move them to the floor. Instead of traditional dinner, set a floor picnic and add a blanket for extra comfort. Fresh out of the shower, keep nothing on but your underwear and invite your partner to join you for some spoiling fun and excitement.


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