5 Sex Myths to Never Believe Again

For as long as sex exists, so do Sex Myths surrounding it. Even today, as much as we think we know about sex, it still triggers debates on what goes and what doesn’t. For some reason, sex is still quite a bedazzling concept to consider, and truth be told, some of the myths regarding it are still widely accepted as true.

Below, let’s debunk 5 of the most popular myths about sex and shed some light on the topic.

Sex Myths: Pregnancy Can’t Happen If a Woman is on Her Period!

The moment this myth hit the spotlight, everyone was ready to believe it. Unfortunately, practicing unsafe sex on a period Myth: You can’t get pregnant during your period. For the record, when a woman is bleeding, the egg count is slightly lower, but the slimmest chance of pregnancy still exists. Just to be on the safe side, always go for the rubber.

Using a Condom Means no STIs!

Wrong. Although condoms are the highest protection available today, they are not infection-proof at all. Yes, rubbers can protect you from unwanted STDs, but they are not as powerful when it comes to infections. The skin on skin contact can easily put you attract a number of infections, including HPV and herpes…even with a condom on.

Sex Myths: Faking an Orgasm Helps!

Okay, now let’s get something straight here. First, faking an orgasm is typical for both women than men. However, when faking an orgasm, you are actually ruining the entire concept of great sex in order to please your partner with the idea that you orgasmed. And what does that leave you with? No sexual pleasure and a whole lot of frustration.

Women Know When They Orgasm!

As much as women like to be aware of their orgasms, experts suggest the erotic peak can happen without them even realizing it. In a woman’s mind, an orgasm should be mind-blowing and manifested extrovertly, but sometimes, it can happen without her mind processing the experience.

One of the main reasons this confusion exists is that women tend to fake an orgasm more often, meaning they already know how to play pretend, even with the real thing happening.

Sex Myths: Men Want Sex More than Women!

Looking back, this myth is one of the most ridiculous to contemplate. Let me put it this way, there is absolutely no truth in saying men enjoy or crave sex more than women. Women tend to hide behind a timid appearance, but even if that’s the case, there is almost a guarantee that they think and want sex as much as you do.

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