Sex Etiquette: 10 Rules to Set Your Bed on Fire!

Nurturing a healthy sex life begins with mastering a great bedroom behavior. Aside from being a gentleman in bed, the way you talk, move, and give pleasure to your woman speaks volumes about who you are as a lover and sex etiquette helps.

To begin answering the puzzle of what constitutes a great lover, you have to look at what your woman wants in sex. According to most women, men are inclined on repeating a few sex patterns that can easily kill the vibe during sex. If you want to make sure both sides are equally pleased during sex, here are 20 golden rules to follow.

Sex Etiquette: Don’t Argue over Protection!

Even when you think you shouldn’t use a condom, use one. To women, protection and sex go hand in hand, and unless we are talking about your long-term partner, condoms are your biggest bedroom ally.

Work on Your Kissing Techniques!

Sexual arousal has a lot to do with the way you kiss. And, as all women appreciate a quality kissing session, it could be handy to learn a few new tongue tricks.

Treat the Clit Right!

Down to the point, I know, but stimulating the clitoris the right way will earn you the ‘great lover’ label in your woman’s eyes. If you’ve lost your way down there, ask for direction, which always counts more than improvising and aiming towards nothing.

Sex Etiquette: Confidence1

All women love a confident man in bed, instead of an insecure one. Struggling with nerves has no place in the bedroom, so pull out your best moves and impress the heck out of that woman.

Redundant Downtime!

Taking too long when giving a woman oral pleasure can make you seem like an unripe lover. If you are not sure how to put your fingers to good use, stick to tongue action, or better yet, use a toy. Also, drooling and making a mess is never cool, so don’t overdo it. 


In bed, you might catch yourself being a tad too selfish and thinking of your pleasure only. However, showing interest in your woman and putting her pleasure first will always speak well of your skills.

Sex Etiquette: No Distractions!

One of the worst things you can do in bed is get distracted by the TV, your phone, or even the sounds outside your room. Losing focus during sex is just bad manners, and I’m sure you don’t want your lovemaking skills badmouthed.


Seriously, whatever you are trying to do in bed, always make sure the woman is on board as well. Without consent, you are risking spoiling what could have been a pretty outstanding experience.

Don’t Force Sex Talk!

Some women don’t feel comfortable talking dirty during sex. Others sometimes need more time to get into it. Whatever you do, don’t force the words out of her mouth, but try it for yourself and see how she responds.

Sex Etiquette: Forget Affirmation!

During sex, forget all questions which reassure you that the woman is having a great time. Most times, you should be able to tell whether a woman enjoys your sexy moves or not. Come on, now, you are better than that.


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