Sex Essentials: 5 Things You Need in Your Nightstand!

Maintaining a healthy, happy, and dynamic sex life is as much about performance as it is about preparation. It doesn’t matter if you are in a long relationship, date casually, or enjoy the magic of booty calls, a gentleman should always come prepared for a hot night of passion.

To make sure you have all your sex essentials basis covered in time, here are 5 things to always keep you sex-ready!  

1. The Right Kind of Lube!

If there was one thing that you should always store in your nightstand let it be a lubricant. Lubricant is one of the most effective ways to arouse, stimulate, and play with your partner in bed. Aside from lubrication, a decent lube will also last longer during sex and help you boost the pleasure. Now, there are many kinds of lubricants available, so when choosing, keep your eyes open for what works the best. Ideally, you’d want to purchase a thick, water-based, and organic lubricant with lasting effects. Other than these, there are also silicon-based lubes which lasts longer but doesn’t work well with toys or condoms.

2. Sex Essentials: Variety of Condoms!

Just like owning a good bottle of lubricant, you should also keep your collection of condoms rich and versatile. Condoms are a great way to stay protected during sex but they need not be boring. That said, with so many condom flavors, textures, and designs available on the market, gather a small collection of the best condoms available and always look for quality over appearance. 

3. Couple’s Toy!

Aside from your magical fingers and lips, it is also good you have a couple’s sex toy in your nightstand as well. Unisex toys are very handy in the bedroom and can guarantee pleasure for you and your partner or date. With a rich selection to choose from, feel free to get yourself a vibrator or an app-managed toy that will work great at a distance and during sex.

4. Sex Essentials: Sex Toy Cleaner!

Just like you keep your sex toys in check, you should keep a sex toy cleaner in your nightstand, too. Especially if you have multiple sex partners or date casually, cleaning your sex toys after playing is essential to prevent exposure to infections, germs, and bacteria. For instance, you can purchase a UV lightbox mini-safe which helps your clean your toys to perfection.   

5. Wipes!

Once all is said and done, a pack of cleaning wipes can help you stay clean and mess-free even post-sex. Anti-bacterial wipes are good to keep in your nightstand whether you have sex or not, but when things get raunchy and sticky, a wipe will make it all better.  When choosing the perfect wipes for your hot adventures, make sure you always go for paraben and chemical-free wipes.

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