5 Ways to Put Your Mind to Ease during Sex!

Do you find it impossible to relax in bed? No worries, you are not the only one! Feeling tense in the bedroom can happen to all of us and for several reasons. From stress to anxiety and being with someone for the first time, plenty of factors can impact our serenity during sex.

Fortunately, there are many techniques you can learn to help you become more confident in bed and tune in with your own body. Here 5 ways Your Mind to Ease during Sex.

Your Mind to Ease during Sex: Listen to Your Breaths!

It might seem like a ridiculous thing to do, but breathing truly regulates your enjoyment during sex. By paying attention to your breaths and synchronizing each of them, you will get a much-needed rhythm and ease in bed. Whenever you feel like your focus is off, go back to the way you breathe and let the air drive your body into pleasure.

Say What You Need!

Sometimes, when you feel on edge or tense, instead of keeping your thoughts secluded, let them be heard. Think about how your partner wants you to be equally excited in bed, and one way to achieve this is by being honest about how you feel. You need a sensual massage to kick things off? Ask for it! Do you want your partner to take the lead? Don’t hesitate to ask them to!

Your Mind to Ease during Sex: Muscle Play!

One of the most effective ways to alleviate body stress in bed is to tense and release your muscles. A simple exercise, contracting all muscles for a few seconds, and then loosening them up will help your mind and physical body relax. In other words, once you practice the exercise enough your brain will respond to your muscle tensing and will learn that relief follows right after.

Don’t Start at the Genitals!

Although oral sex sounds about right, if you can’t relax in bed as easily, you might want to take things slow. For instance, instead of going for the genital area at once, take one thing at a time. By focusing on every other erogenous zone instead of the genitals, you will pace yourself and your thinking, and you’ll soon find your balance and swing!

Take a Moment, Leave the Orgasm Be!

If you are struggling to orgasm, the wisest thing to do would be to give up the idea of having one. Instead of forcing your mind and body to give you’re an orgasm, take a breather, and focus on your partner instead. Once you spend enough time away from your own search of pleasure, you can go on and try it all over again!

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