5 Ideal Positions for One-Night-Stand Sex!

In today’s modern society, one-night-stand have basically become the new favorite way of exploring sex, without actually committing to a relationship. Casual sex is fun; easygoing and unexpected, which is why doing it right matters. However, there are certain things about one-night-stands which can make the experience a bit awkward and clumsy.

For instance, having casual sex oftentimes misses out on the intimacy and emotional connection. Because of this, both men and women struggle to find a way to make it enjoyable, while also taking the ‘strangeness’ out of it.

Fortunately, with so many sex positions ready to be explored and tried, one-night-stand sex can be a pretty fabulous experience for men and women.

Here are 5 sex positions to ensure your one-night-stand adventure is packed on pleasure and chemistry!

1. One-Night-Stand : Doggy Rules!

For first-time sex-havers, doggy style is an excellent position to try. Doable in so many different ways, doggy style doesn’t actually require looking into each other’s eyes but keeps things interesting and wild. If you want to kick things up a notch, don’t be afraid to include a hot dirty talk here and there. 

2. Kitchen Delight!

A superb idea for a one-time sex, the kitchen lets you play out your biggest fantasies. From the kitchen counter to the dining table; nearby chairs and even the floor tiles and mat, you can guarantee this setting to make your one-night-stand an unforgettable one!

3. One-Night-Stand : Blindfold!

If you like experimenting, introduce a blindfold in the midst of your one-night-stand game. Covering the eyes can drastically improve the sensuality and chemistry in bed and leaves room for a judgment-free experience.

4. The Deeper the Penetration…

Showing off during a one-night-stand can easily turn you into your partner’s favorite lover! To make a statement, have your sex partner lie on a table or a desk with her legs crossed against your chest. This way, you’ll have plenty of curves to play around with, while the penetration just keeps going.

5. One-Night-Stand: Standing SEX!

On-the-go casual sex can be very exhilarating; so if you can’t wait to hit the bed, find a hidden ally go for the standing position. The risk factor of this position; as well as the closeness and hush-hush vibe of it all, will guarantee you a sharp, edgy and oh-so-exciting casual playtime!

Finally, casual sex is all about letting yourself go; treating your partner right and who knows, perhaps even coming back for seconds!

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