Be Clear about What You’re Looking for No Strings Attached!

Ah, the fantasy that is dating off-the-hook with someone you actually like. As the interest in exploring sex grew, so did the need to change what it means. When ‘No Strings Attached’ came into the picture, it seemed as though society changed for good, thus changing sex for good as well.

However, no matter how good you think you are at the friends with benefits sex, there are unwritten rules both parties have to follow. A friend with benefits is actually someone you know or hang out with, have sex with, but don’t let it interfere with your friendship.

A complex scenario really, here are some major ground rules in pulling off the safest and hottest friends-with-benefits experience.


A friend with benefit should know your relationship status, but not necessarily the names of the people you are also dating. If you want, you can turn your sex-having into a monogamous experience, but discussing it up front is important so you don’t confuse it with a relationship. Transparency is key in all casual sexual encounters and will help you keep your emotional specter in control.

No Strings Attached: Feelings Aside!

This goes without saying, and yet here we are saying it again. Friends with benefits sex is great as long as you leave your emotional side…well, to the side. Should any party begin to develop certain feelings, it is best you have an honest discussion about it, thus avoiding hurting your relationship or going one step too far.

Establishing Under-rules

Okay, so you have defined your relationship as friends-with-benefits. But, have you thought about the other aspects of it? For instance, will you do sleepovers? Will you hang out together with other friends? Will you see each other once, twice or more times during the week? How long will your encounters last? Can you share personal stories? Will you communicate in the meantime? All valid questions to ask, friends with benefits is a great scenario as long as you agree upon the dos and don’ts.

No Strings Attached: Have Fun!

Ultimately, you are looking for a friend with benefits to explore the fun side of sex, right? This means all drama that comes with a relationship should not make its way into the bedroom. Keeping the conversations easygoing and paying attention on the feel-good sexual aspect is actually what you’re after, so don’t forget that fun is the key to your arrangement.

Calling It Quits

One of the most important things to discuss about friends-with-benefits sex is how it is going to end. Ideally, you’d want to have an honest conversation, where you explain why you or your buddy need to end the sex. Try to be understanding if the other party wants to move on- it was likely to happen anyway, right?


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