7 Surprising Facts about the Male Orgasm!

Yes, everyone loves having orgasms, but how much do you actually know about them? Although male orgasms are not as debated as a woman’s orgasm might be, there is still plenty to be said and learned about them.

From intensity, average duration, and the potential risks that come with, here are 7 stunning facts on the male orgasm.   

1. Pregnancy Thougth Pre-ejaculate!

If you have heard that semen alone can lead to pregnancy, it is time to expand your knowledge on the topic. As per a Human Fertility report, 40% of men produce pre-ejaculate that contains actual sperm in it. Therefore, even though you have not orgasmed yet, your ‘juices’ could result in an unforeseen pregnancy.

2. Male Orgasm: Two Minutes Is Premature!

Premature ejaculation can happen for a lot of reasons, and as experts suggest, it can be defined with orgasming in under two minutes. Keep in mind, though, two minutes with a partner can be a premature body reaction, but spending two minutes to masturbate is not considered unhealthy.

3. Seven Minutes is the Average!

While we are not saying you should time yourself in bed but consider the fact that healthy men need up to seven minutes to orgasm. Of course, some days you’ll last seven minutes or longer, and other days you’ll only need a humble six-minute period- and that is not a cause for concern.   

4. Male Orgasm: Ejaculation Speed!

If you are wondering how fast ejaculation takes, let’s look at the numbers. According to reports and studies, sperm travels 28 miles per hour, and it only needs five minutes to reach the cervix once inside a woman’s body.

5. Multiple Orgasms!

As per various studies, from 15-20% of men claimed to have experienced multiple orgasms. Usually, marathon orgasms don’t happen one right the other, so you’d likely need a half-an-hour break between orgasms. However, depending on their individual practices, many men have succeeded in orgasming in as little as 60 seconds. Yup, read that timeframe again. 

6. Male Orgasm: Health Aspects!

Intriguingly, orgasms are not intended for pleasure alone. As it turns out, a male orgasm can help protect you against prostate cancer and cardiovascular issues. For instance, men who orgasm around 20 times a month have 20% less risks of getting prostate cancer or urological dysfunctions.

7. Sleepiness!

After having an orgasm, most men feel sleepy and there’s a reason for it. Before you orgasm, the brain releases the hormone prolactin which can keep your sex drive high for an entire hour. However, once those levels begin to decrease, the hormonal drop can lead to sleepiness.

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