4 Things No One Tells You about Love-Hate Sex

Driven by the evolving pace of sex, many people have finally embraced their love for hate sex. In short, hate sex is pretty self-explanatory- you enjoy having sex with someone you hate or don’t particularly fancy. At first, it might strike you as odd, but hate sex is a very popular trend in the world of lovemaking.

If you haven’t had hate sex before, we definitely encourage you to do so now. However, instead of jumping the gun, it is best to know a few ugly things that can come with it. It’s true, hate sex is sort of the Catch 22 of erotic scenarios, but if you know what you’re up against, you can definitely make it work.

To spill the secrets no one wants to share, here are 4 things no one will admit to being true about Love Hate Sex.

No Resolved Issues!

Whether you like having hate sex or not, that is entirely your business, but it is good to keep in mind that having sex won’t help fix your relationship issues. If you are actually having sex with someone you dislike, hate sex can only intensify the negative feelings afterward. If you are playing the hate-sex card with your partner, you need to make sure to leave no bad blood after.

Out of Control!

It is impossible to think of having hate sex without getting your hands dirty. Knowing this, it is easy to assume that hate sex can easily get out of hand, so it is best that in such a case, you come up with a safe word to use. Hate sex usually includes awakens negative emotions such as anger or frustration, so make sure those don’t spill the cup of decency.

Love-Hate Sex: Normalizing Hatred!

In hate sex, it is good to realize that in one way or another, you condone the feeling of hatred, even if for the time being. That said, hatred can easily escalate in real life, so it matters for you to put it under control and don’t get carried away. In one way, we are normalizing hatred and finding arousal in it, but on the other, do we really want to nurture it to that extent?

Love-Hate Sex: Pandora’s Box!

Sometimes, hate sex works like a Pandora’s Box- it gives you hope that things will fix themselves, but it is a false hope most time. If you have hate sex with an ex or with anyone you have unresolved issues with, you can be under the impression that the naughty deed will fix them. To put it simply, it won’t, and because of that, it is best you keep your love expectations to a minimum. 

Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/145558-what-no-one-tells-you-about-hate-sex

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