How to Cancel Your Escort Date?

Although and undesirable scenario, cancelling an escort booking can happen for a variety of reasons. However, if you have never been in such a situation, it is wise you know there are several guidelines to follow when cancelling an escort date.  

Just as a client can cancel an appointment, an escort might do so as well, although on very rare occasions. Below, let’s discuss the steps you have to take when you want to cancel and escort appointment.

1. Honesty

When cancelling a date with an escort, lying about it won’t do you any good. Instead, contact your agency to let them know the reason for your cancellation and the details regarding your date. While cancellations don’t happen often when dating an escort, ensure you have a valid reason for the cancellation. Usually, clients will cancel their bookings because of sickness, change of schedules, or family matters.

2. Be ahead of Time

If you want to cancel your escort date, it is best you do so in a timely fashion. That said, always give your agency a notice at least a day before your booked appointment, so they can make the necessary arrangements. Last-minute cancellations often lead to complications, so it’s best you avoid these issues before-time.

3. Deposit

Sometimes, escort agencies will demand a deposit before you book your date. When you want to make a cancellation request, this might mean you’ll have to pay a certain fee for being a no-show. In any case, ensure what the case is and ask your agency ahead of time regarding their charging policy. Even if you don’t have to pay a fee for cancelling the date, the right thing to do would be to at least tip your escort as a show of respect.

4. Reschedule

If the reason for you cancelling your escort date is valid and an unavoidable one, you can always ask your escort agency to reschedule your date. Unless the cancellation reason is that you changed your mind about that particular escort, not rescheduling might be seen as poor manners. Booking a date for another time, however, will excite your escort and she’ll look forward to seeing you.

5. Don’t Make It a Habit

Without any charging policies included, some might misuse the privilege of cancelling an escort date. Of course, you are not forbidden to cancel your date, but doing so quite often might send the wrong message. To keep it simple, if you are planning on cancelling and changing your mind, why book a date at all?