How to Add a Dash of Hotness to Your Escort Date?

Clients love escort dating for a plethora of reasons: they want comfort and commodity; they need something new or to make up for a lost time; they want to get social, or they want to get flirting, wining, dining and having fun.
With an elite escort; the good thing is that there is plenty of intimacy to develop and a solid bond to create, so here are 5 ways to get hot with an escort on your date.

An Overnight

An overnight stay is a great way for a client and an escort to bond; as it allows spending more time together and getting to know one another well. The date may or may not begin with dinner and drinks and will always include the flirtier vibe that you love. Escorts love spending the night with their clients and know how to heat things up; so give yourself the opportunity to have the wildest overnight date ever!

A Game

Fun and sexy games for two make a great basis for getting deeper into intimacy without having to cross a boundary. Games are fun and exciting and come in all shapes and forms. They can be cheeky romantic; naughty, teasing, or revealing; so no matter what you end up choosing, count that you and your escort will be having the time of your lives!

A Webcam Session

Another flirty service to use when dating an escort is a webcam session, meaning an on-camera date. You can book this type of date anywhere and anytime; even when travelling abroad or being unable to meet your escort in person. On one hand, an on-camera date is great for keeping in touch with your escort and enjoying her services and company and on the other; it’s a great opportunity to dive deep into your sassier side and take the conversation places.

A Hot Call

Similar to the on-camera date, phone calls are a great way to test out flirting waters before even meeting your escorts. By booking an escort phone call date the first time around you can get prepared for your date in person more easily. Talking on the phone is also easier; and can be quite fitting when you need something to get your juices boiling right before bedtime.

The Two-Girl Experience

As a service, the two-girl experience lets you explore dating two amazing escorts at once. Duo escorts are familiar with each other which means you can expect a no-drama experience in which your pleasure is the main goal.