Your Hot Movie List Is Here: Let’s Get It On!

Sex desire oftentimes depends on visuals. Especially when it comes to exploring more forbidden topics to discuss, sexy movies paint a pretty accurate picture. A collection of movies to spark up your sex life always comes in handy. As a plus, your partner will surely enjoy the new approach towards rediscovering the passion, so make hot movie night a regular in your household. 

Here are a few steamy suggestions for your homebound nights of lovemaking.

Nine ½ Weeks

Long before sex was as widely accepted as it is today, this movie classic took its turn on BDSM, sub-dom relationships and kinks. Mickey Rourke's obviouss allure is incredibly compatible with Kim Basinger’s natural sex appeal, so if you are into the spicier side of sex, treat yourselves.

The Piano Teacher

If you are not acquainted with the goddess Isabelle Huppert is, you’ve been missing out. In this BDSM-provoked movie, we meet a teacher with specific needs in the bedroom, most of which revolve around impact play and submissiveness. And who better to try it all with than her favorite student?

Call me By Your Name

If you enjoy pushing the boundaries of what makes you hot, this remarkably done movie is all you need. With obvious chemistry between Timothy Chalamet and Armie Hammer, the movie exudes a slow-burning lust that cannot be easily controlled. The movie also has one of the hottest cinema kisses ever done, which is always a plus.

A Royal Affair

Offering a great take on the real-life story of the Danish royal family, Alicia Vikander and Mads Mikkelsen redefine the idea of affairs. The steaminess enthralled in the movie makes it impossible to not enjoying its flair for the intense and forbidden.


Trust Michael Fassbender to have your partner drooling over him and you admiring his moves. Sexy, enthralling and stimulating altogether, Michael Fassbender’s character enjoys the richness of sex in all shapes and forms.

Lust, Caution

I wonder if there has ever been a movie done about raw passion as good as this one. With a thrilling chase game knitted in its core, Lust, Caution will prove that good chemistry works on screen and off.


Another steamy classic, Love goes deep into several subjects of discussion, including threesomes, open relationships and having it all. Throughout the movie, expect several intense and realistic sex scenarios, proving three is not always a crowd.

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