Hot Christmas Gifts for the Greatest Sexual Pleasure!

There’s no proper Christmas without a proper Christmas gift list, right? It’s no news that everyone adores Hot Christmas Gifts for the Greatest Sexual Pleasure, but when it comes to your partner, it is time to kick the list up a notch.

This year, steer away from the traditional Christmas gifts and turn to a hotter gift registry list. Making this Christmas the steamiest holiday celebration ever, here are the 5 sex gifts for you and your partner to enjoy.

Hot Christmas Gifts: A Smother Box!

A smother box is the type of present your partner will love! Smother boxes are small and practical and can be your best friend as well. Especially if you are into giving oral sex, a smother box will have you trapped in the most erotic way possible, while your woman enjoys a tremendous erotic bliss ‘down there’.

Reverse Underwear/Clothing!

Lingerie and clothing make a popular Christmas gift anyway, but this year, we want to give the items a whole new purpose. Choose a nice white collar shirt, a nice tie and some tight and form-fitting boxers or briefs for yourself. Next, choose some lacey, seductive panties and bra for your partner (stockings work great, too!).

All set? Great, now switch the gifts and reverse your roles, with you wearing her lingerie (come on, let loose!) and she wearing yours.

Hot Christmas Gifts: A Sex Swing!

If you have never experimented with a sex swing before, you are in for some fun! Sex swings can be installed and taken down easily and make a great addition to your bedroom.

Providing exceptional pleasure, a rocking sensation and plenty of positions available, a sex swing truly does wonders for your sex life.

A Massage Candle!

A massage candle is one of the newest additions in the world of sex toys. While serving as a room freshener, too, a massage candle melts into a soothing essential oil, bound to increase your sexual arousal.

And, with so many ways to use it, an essential oil candle can work great as both a lubricant and a decoration.   

Hot Christmas Gifts: Magic Sex Dust!

Magic sex dust is a great tool for enhancing the sexual excitement in the bedroom. Working on both your stamina and horniness, sex dust can be a great present to use all-year-round, thus making yourself and your partner sex-ready in an instant! Yeah, you can thank me later.


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