5 Fiery New Year Sex Positions!

Forget all sex positions that bore you and come to the hotter side of things! Just as the year closes down on us, dare to explore the our 5 Fiery New Year Sex Positions you’ve never tried before. Aside from getting a huge plus from your woman, switching things up in bed will give a lot to look forward in the new year to come.

Set your reservations aside, groom like a pro and experiment with these 5 incredible holiday sex positions!

Fiery New Year Sex Positions: The Double P!

Sex should never become a routine so introduce this new position as a way to mix it up. Instead of engaging in a threesome, you can easily make your own by introducing a sex toy between the sheets.

If you prefer anal, use a vaginal sex toy to make the experience steamier for your partner. If you prefer it the other way around, a vaginal penetration and a butt plug will have your partner screaming with joy.

And, as always, don’t forget to lube right and plenty!

It Begins at Home!

Vibrators are the perfect stimulators for yourself and your partner, so use one before heading out for the night. Tease each other at a party and just in time for the final countdown, but just as you feel the orgasm coming up, find a secluded bathroom and greet the new year with a bang!

Fiery New Year Sex Positions: The Chill Out!

If you are planning to greet the new year at home, we have two words for you- bubble baths! Fill your bathtub for the night, arrange candles, play some sensual music, and invite your woman in for some hot, wet sex. While in the tub, take your time to tease and flirt, and let the warmness of the ambiance take over. For an edgier experience, sit in the tub, facing each other, knees overlapping the tub edges.

A full frontal stimulation, alright.

The Orgasm You Want!

​This position is not only sultry and experimental, it will guarantee you a full-blown orgasm as well! To make it happen, get comfortable with your partner and initiate a passionate foreplay.

Instead of engaging in sex, let your partner touch herself while you sit between her legs, taking it all in. If you want to be part of the action, insert only the tip of your penis and let your woman’s rhythmic hands stimulate you as well!

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