10 Fiery Kinks to Experiment With! (vol.1)

If you have been considering the idea of including kink in your sex life, you are not alone. Fiery Kinks and fetishes have been popular for centuries, and there’s a reason for it. Aside from being inviting and irresistible scenarios, kinks can also help you learn more about your sexuality.

So, are you up for expanding your sexual excitement and introducing saucy kinks in the bedroom?

Below, you’ll find your personal guide to the 6 naughtiest fetishes you can pull off in bed! 

Fiery Kinks: Voyeurism!

Yes, please! For all those who are still into the ‘see-it-to-believe-it mindset, voyeurism comes more than welcome. Voyeurism simply means watching other people have sex. Whether you go online and find like-minded communities or attend a sex workshop, voyeurism is an exciting starting point for all your kinky pleasures.


Breathplay is not for the faint of heart or those who dislike belts, gags and other forms of air restriction. However, if you are into it, you can totally see why breath play gains the popularity it does. Intense, versatile and exciting for pushing your boundaries, having or giving up this kind of power is a definite turn-on. That said, with breath play it is always recommended to start small, using your hand or a pillow, and of course, to never, ever, take it too far.

Fiery Kinks: Switch!

The switch is referred to exactly what it means- taking turns and switching positions from a dominant to a submissive role. If you like to be on both ends of the pleasure, this little kink will make you quite happy. Being able to dominate a scene and completely reverse the roles in the next is a thrill everyone deserves to experience, if at least once.

Golden Showers!

Not quite for anyone, golden showers have recently been reintroduced as fun and eccentric kink to try Golden showers refer to urinating on your partner or have her do the same to you. And while a bit dirty, if done right, golden showers can be very pleasurable. Nevertheless, if you are up to trying it, make sure you hydrate well that day and kick it off in the shower first.

Fiery Kinks: Edgeplay!

Now, here’s the thing about edge play- everyone craves immediate pleasure but anticipating it can be even more satisfying. Edgeplay happens when you masturbate or let your partner stimulate you. The idea is to get to the pre-orgasmic moment and then drop all action. After a moment, you can continue providing the pleasure, stopping and starting all over again.


Even though not exactly a kin, RACK stands for risk-aware consensual sex. This little rule usually happens during kink parties, to make sure everyone is on the same side. Another word for it can also be SSC, meaning ‘safe, sane, and consensual’ sex. The goal of RACK is to diminish the risks, but still have the opportunity to take a risk in a safe way.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a24481923/kinks-fetish-list/

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