Fetishes for Beginners!

5 Fetishes for Beginners: Let’s Get Kinky!

Nowadays, it seems as though the topic of sex fetishes is rising in popularity, and truth be told, it was about time. For years back, sex fetishes and kinks have been labeled immoral, outrageous, and shameful. Interestingly, more and more people are now realizing that engaging in risqué sex play is widely misunderstood. Contrary to the general opinion, fetishes and kinks make sex more enjoyable, open to exploration and even healing.

When speaking of fetishes, there is a wide list to take into consideration. If you are curious enough to get into the fetish game, it is always easier to start slow and work your way up to the more complex forms of unconventional erotic play.

Today, let’s get introduced to some of the most practiced sex fetishes, which are ideal if you are a beginner or want to spice up your love life.

1. Impact Play

Impact play defines any form of physical touching on the body. it can vary in intensity, but if you are open to experimenting, spanking is a good way to start. Spanking, as well as mild flogging,  can be rather arousing and lead to a mind-blowing orgasm on both parts. And while many assume the ladies are usually the subject of impact play, it is interesting to learn than men can enjoy a rougher body contact as well.

2. Role-Playing - Fetishes

A non-invasive form of fetish, role-playing allows you to be whoever your partner needs you to be for the night. Role-playing is a healthy way of fulfilling your sexual desires, without being cheesy or over the top. With so many options available, a nurse-patient or secretary-boss role play will definitely set a fire in your bedroom!

3. Foot Fetishes

A popular fetish among many couples, feet have always been an intriguing object of sex desires. Foot fetish can involve anything from massage, sniffing, kissing, toes sucking and even a feet-job. When engaging in this scenario, it is relevant you stay open-minded, sincere and free of any judgment.

4. Anal Sex

Anal sex goes far beyond penis penetration. In fact, as one of the most favorite fetishes of today, anal play allows you to use butt plugs, fingers, tongues and other dirty tricks that stimulate the area. Not just as fetish, anal sex can lead to an extravagant orgasm and provide both you and your partner with incredible satisfaction.  

5. Sensation Play

Now, this an interesting one. In effort to omit the actual sex act, sensual play uses the power of touch and arousal to deliver a sexual nirvana. For some, it can be as effective as blindfolding or massaging. For others, it can be tasting food off each other or using temperature play to increase the excitement. Whichever route you take, the important thing here is to let loose, listen to your body and trust your partner.

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