Facts You Never Knew About Female Orgasm (vol.2)

If you find the Female Orgasm delightful and erotic, you’re not the first one. A woman’s orgasm is not only far more pleasurable than a man’s orgasm, but beneficial, too. As it turns out, the female orgasm is a never-ending field of exploration.

If you think you have already found all the answers, you’d be wrong. Continuing our countdown, here are 5 more incredible facts on the female orgasm.

A Change of Pace

Some women find it difficult to reach an orgasm when the stimulation is off. For instance, to witness a female orgasm, you’ll need to continuously change the tempo of your flickers. Not just finger and tongue technique, women orgasm more easily when you engage in a variety of positions and even risky-and-sexy situations.

How Long before a Woman Orgasms?

Now, that’s a fair question. As much as men like to think of themselves as effective and down-to-business, women need a longer time to orgasm. Or, 20 minutes of time, to be exact. Women respond to stimulation, yes, but you’ll need to be more dedicated than just doing oral. I know, in the movies a female orgasm is quicker than one-two-three, but imagine how long those movies would be if they showcased the entire thing?

Orgasm, Just for Kicks

As much as a female orgasm needs preparation, it can also happen out of the blue. Namely, there are many women who orgasm under circumstances rather than arousal. For instance, if a situation is tense or charged, a woman can easily have an orgasm…just like that. Also, mothers experienced orgasms during delivery, which happens as the vaginal tissues are engaged.

Sometimes a medical condition, spontaneous orgasms are mostly due to an increased blood supply and or clitoral contact.

Orgasmic Dreams

It’s true, women have their own version of a wet dream. The interesting thing about women orgasming during sleep is that it doesn’t have to revolve around an actual dream. Oftentimes, stress, tension and the need for physical relief can lead to a very pleasant o's. No, there is no way for women to control this type of orgasm, it just radiates through them.

Orgasm Denials Help

If you are interested in giving your partner a sensational orgasm, consider doing edging. Edging can be equally good for men and women, but women will surely harvest more pleasure from it. To do it, you don’t need a special toy or anything, just your creativity in using your fingers, tongue and everyday objects.

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