Facts You Never Knew About Female Orgasm (vol.1)

So, how much do you know about the female orgasm? Yes, it’s stronger than the man’s and therefore more enjoyable and pleasurable, but what else? A woman’s orgasm is a mystery ready to be unraveled, but without being overly complicated.

Unfortunately, many men still linger in the shadow of what constitutes an orgasm and how it all works in favor of your partner and your sex life.

So, guess what? We hate for you to stay outside the loop on all things a female orgasm is. Therefore, here are the 5 of the 10 most mind-blowing facts about a woman’s peak of sexual pleasure.

Orgasms Help Reduce Pain

A great orgasm can easily help with a headache, so it’s sort of a poor excuse when women say it.

When a woman orgasms, her body releases oxytocin, which is a chemical that boosts relaxation and brings an overall pleasurable mood. Aside from migraines, orgasms can also help reduce labor pains, too. 

A Condom Doesn’t Change the Quality of an Orgasm

Having an orgasm with a condom doesn’t feel less good than a no-condom orgasm. Despite popular opinion, women can orgasm even when you’re wearing a condom, and it won’t change the level of their pleasure. Physical outlook aside, giving a woman an orgasm mostly has to do with technique and the other, small stuff.

Women Don’t Orgasm Easily

This is one of the biggest truths to learn about a woman’s orgasm- it doesn’t come quite easily. As per studies, up to 40% of the women need more time and foreplay to orgasm, typically via clitoral stimulation. So, forget what you see in the movies and give your partner a proper and prolonged treatment.

Orgasms Help Locate the G-Spot

As per sex experts, female genitalia has an increased number of nerve endings, which is why the female orgasm is stronger than the male’s. Not just that, but researchers are now convinced that orgasms can actually help you stimulate the G-spot more easily, too.

While that’s great news, keep in mind that the location of the G-spot defers from one woman to another.

A Female Orgasm Improves with Age

Now, here’s something to look forward to in your sunset years. As per studies and researchers, aging for women means better orgasms. Most of this likely has to do with the fact that with age, women tend to be more liberated and open-minded and know what pleasure is all about.

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