4 Power-Facts on Sex to Make You More Knowledgeable!

Hot, daring, sensual AF sex oftentimes begins with doing your homework on the topic Aside from the physical aspect of sex, which I’ll admit is a highly pleasurable one, there is also the theoretical and factual aspect of sex. Highly relevant, enriching your knowledge on the latest sex trends, practices and feel-good factors can make it easier for you to reflect that wisdom in bed.

If you are eager to learn the rarely discussed secrets of sex, here are 4 facts on sex to make you a more proficient lover.

The Clitoris Counts as a Penis

A tiny penis, yes, but a penis nonetheless. Interestingly, the clitoris and penis are both developed from the same birth tissues, but due to hormones, each growth took its gender path. The lack of testosterone in women gives them the clitoris, and the abundance of the hormone gives you a penis. The only difference between the two is the fact that the clitoris has many more nerve-endings, hence the more potent orgasms.

Post-sex Blues are Real

Have you ever felt moody right after the thrill of sex ends? Well, take a breath and relax, as many people are familiar with the post-coital blues. Even if it was a pleasing experience, sadness can sometimes happen right after having sex and even after masturbating. The worst thing about it is that science can tell why it happens, but the good thing is, you are not alone and the sensation doesn’t last for long. 

Smell Contributes to Orgasms

As one of our most hyphened senses, the smell is tightly related to the desire to orgasm. Namely, people’s natural body smell is appealing to many, and the same is true for smelling food, air fresheners, and perfumes. In essence, the smell is often related to pleasure and responds well to it, so don’t be afraid to stimulate the sense when you want a stronger orgasm.

Voices are Sexy

When speaking of sex, most people find pleasure in the power of touch and sight. However, as much as touch and visuals matter, your voice seems to be far more sensual to a woman. Moaning, panting, talking dirty, saying her name-all these things seem small but have a major effect on how aroused a person is.

A 2014 study found that women rely on their voices to sort of manipulating men more sensually, whereas men found female voices to be highly attractive in response.

Source: https://www.health.com/syndication/cute-little-fuckers-review-sex-toy

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