Dating a Cougar Escort: 5 Super Spicy Tips You Need!

Dating an escort is one thing, but dating a cougar escort is a completely new game level. As far as escort experiences go, dating a cougar is as raunchy and fulfilling as you need. Cougars are packed one experience in dating men and getting intimate and they really can put on a show for you.
But, in that same manner, you also want to make your cougar escort feel good, especially when getting busy.

For that, here are 5 sizzling tips to impress a cougar escort.


Cougar escorts would likely go for something new in bed, as they are keen on experimenting and exploring. They make a perfect date for an overnight party and can seduce you in countless different ways. Not just that, cougars also have a few naughty tricks ups their sleeves and will appreciate if you brought your A-game with you as well.

Play with Fantasies

Cougar escorts make a suitable choice for raunchy play and certain fetish fantasies. If you want a proper cougar experience, you can either go with a two-girl date or ask your escort for some light bondage. Cougars are superbly skilled in role-playing and sensual lovemaking, so don’t hesitate to engage in both.

Don’t Be Arrogant

Although you have paid for your escort service, you shouldn’t treat your cougar escort with disrespect. Escorts do not appreciate rude clients and misbehaviour on your part might cut your date short. To be a proper client to your cougar escort, avoid asking questions about age or such, and always leave a nice tip at the end of your date. That should send the right message.

Delay Orgasm

Usually, if you are younger than your cougar, you have the stamina to show her a good time. When push comes to shove, use your energy to give the action some rhythm. If you need to postpone your orgasm, ask your cougar to share some tips or help you relax. The longer you keep the momentum going, the better the outcome will be.

And Then Some

Dating a cougar escort, who is older than other escorts, requires a certain show of elegance. Therefore, don’t just have sex in mind for your cougar date. Instead, invite her to dinner, or at least have a few drinks before you go for the hotter things. If she’s staying over, it would be polite to also offer breakfast and of course, thank her for the service.