Your Ultimate Winter Sex Guide is Here, and It’s Looking Hot!

Make the most of your winter nights and gear up for the new year- sexy style! The colder months of the year are perfect for getting cozy and intimate, turning up the heat in bed faster than a fireplace. With a little science behind it, there are many ways to boost your sexuality, even with seven different layers of clothing on you.

Let’s break down the top winter sex guide tips to try in this holiday season!

Winter Sex Guide: Wear Socks

Not probably the tip you were expecting, but according to body science, wearing socks can result in a much powerful orgasm. The reason for this is that socks keep the blood circulation running smoothly, thus causing a more intense climax for both men and women. To get more out of the experience, have your partner wear sexy, yet warm knee socks

Hot Tea!

Even if you are not a fan of tea, this simple beverage can reflect positively on your sex life. One of the most recommended teas from sex experts is peppermint tea, which will drive both you and your partner crazy for each other. If you want to make your tea, and hence, your fun edgier, enrich your beverage with a little rum.

Winter Sex Guide: Blinds Open!

Imagine this. It’s snowing outside and you have the bedroom all to yourself. You are already naked but you want to enjoy an even bigger thrill. What do you do? You pull your window blinds open, that’s what! The feeling of being watched while having sex is exhilarating and adrenaline-boosting, but aside from that, a little sun exposure is also great for increasing your testosterone levels.

A Dirty Shower

Warming up under a splash of hot water in your shower can be a great way to explore your sexual desires. If you like taking care of your partner, give her the whole package and do the showering for her. For the kinkier men out there, helping your woman shave in the shower can be just as sexual as actually having sex.

Exercise Together

As much as you hate exercising, it stills plays an essential part in your sexuality. With the winter season well on its way, exercising with your partner will not only get you warmed up but boost your testosterone level, too. Don’t be afraid to get sweaty and intense and even wear ‘minimalistic’ gym clothes for a higher visual impact.

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