Things You Shouldn’t Expect from an Escort Date!

Dating a professional escort must fall under the umbrella of a man’s favourite things to do. Thousands of clients have found a resort in dating an escort and booking her service, whatever it may be. For what it’s worth, escorts are known companion professionals and have made a stellar reputation out of offering their service.

While pleasure and zest have both to do with escort service, excessive expectations do not.

For the client who is unsure as to what expectations an escort booking should be met with - here’s where to draw the line.

1.A Change of Service

A thing you should never do when on an escort date is to change the service without prior notice or agreement. This is a no-no for several reasons. For one, escorts charge differently for different services, and while you may be able to pay for the service, it might not last for as long as you hoped. Also, by changing the escort service, you may drive yourself in a scenario where your escort does not offer the ‘alternative’ service at all. If you are in-between choosing services,

2.Asking to Prolong Your Service

Unless your escort agrees to prolong the service you already booked and paid for, there is no reason to even ask her to do so. As escorts run of hefty schedules, she might not be able to stay the extra time you demand. In such a case, it’s best to be understanding and let your escort continue with the service. Of course, when an escort is able to meet your request she will always be willing to stay for longer - and as a client, you ought to pay for the extra time before it enters into force.


Asking your escort companion for an escort discount is a really inappropriate thing to do. Usually, if any discounts are available, the escort will let you know herself, or the agency will at that. Discounts can happen in the escort realm, yet, they usually tend to apply to clients who have collected redemption points, or those who have been loyal to an agency or an escort for a while.

4.Special Treatment

Whilst this one goes without saying, we’ll say it once more for the backseats - there’s the escort and there’s the client. There is nothing more to the story, not emotionally and not personally. In other words, you ought to value the privacy escort enables you, and do the same for her, too. Asking your escort for personal meetings outside escorting, or asking for her real name or address - all these make red flags you ought to ignore.