Things That Apply to Regular Dating but Not Escort Dating

Regular dates vs escort dates - what are the differences that set these two scenarios apart? Read on as we dive into the main things that may apply to traditional dating but not to an escort booking.

A Future Together

While in a real dating scenario you might find someone you click with and you plan out a certain future down the line, with an escort that is not the case. It is actually due to this ‘casual' vibe that clients prefer dating escorts to standard dates. Since many clients love living a single life or are too busy to maintain a relationship, they find an escort's service to be exactly what they need - discrete, available whenever the client requires it and promising no relationship future where things can get a bit complicated.


Another way in which regular dating differs from escort dating has to do with emotions. Namely, whilst it is alright to like an escort date as well as a regular date, with an escort, clients cannot allow themselves the emotional spectrum that often happens in traditional dating. When dating someone regularly, men can fall in love, get attached, and express their real feelings whenever they want. However, with an escort, affection, bonding and intimacy are part of the emotional whole although developing serious feelings and becoming emotionally involved with an escort is not part of the arrangement. In case it happens, it is best the client and the escort cease all communication and interaction.

Drama & Promises

In real dating examples, there is always room for some kind of drama to evolve, whether it considers the relationship status of the two parties, a jealous outburst due to an ex, or anything similar to those lines. Well, in the case of escort dating, drama-free experiences are what clients aim for and it is due to this no-drama rule that many men resort more to escorts rather than regular dates. The same goes with promises - whereas in a standard dating scenario a promise of a second date might occur, with an escort, no client is obligated to promise a thing - and escorts are highly appreciative of such transparency.

Outside Communication

Dating someone, be it for the first or fiftieth time will require some form of connection beyond the very date. Phone calls, on-camera dates, texting regularly and keeping in touch are all part of the standard dating scheme. However, when dating an escort, unless phone calls or on-camera dates are the services you chose for the day, there should never be any external communication outside the service you booked. Mind that, unlike your everyday date, an escort has a personal life of her own and enjoys keeping it private and separate from her professional bookings - much like clients want as well.