Sex Secrets Women Don’t Want You To Know!

What is it about women keeping sexy secrets all to themselves?

It isn’t a matter of judgment, really, but a fact. Yes, most women would rather keep some parts about sex all to themselves instead of sharing them with anyone, other than (perhaps!) their friends.

However, as men oftentimes don’t realize just how much women overthink sex and all that surrounds it, shedding a light on the topic might be a good idea.

Therefore, here are 4 sex secrets women don’t want you to know rather not discuss in front of their partners.

Sex Secrets Women Don’t Want You To Know: Details about Their Period!

While men go crazy for sex and period as a combination, women would rather keep their periods away from the bedroom. Aside from possible infections, women consider periods annoying and gross, so even if your partner agrees to period sex, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s loving it all the way.

But, knowing men find this combination as an almost animalistic fantasy (hello, blood!), she might want to indulge you in any case.

Her One-Night-Stands Number

Believe it or not, women practice one-night-stand sex as often as men do. In all honesty, sometimes just plain old sex can be a relief enough, but that said, don’t expect your partner to be honest about the exact count of her one-time affairs.

Aside from being potentially judged by you, women shield their past because they prefer to let it go, rather than debate it.

The Hot Parties with Her Exes

Much like one-night-stands, most women won’t open up on how sexy she and her exes got back in the day. I know, curiosity is a son of a gun, but truthfully, it is better to leave this discussion to the side, especially if you are into comparisons. In some relationships, women don’t mind sharing a thing or two with their partner (Yes, I have had anal before...), but it is also likely she’ll leave the dirtiest details unmentioned.

Sex Secrets Women Don’t Want You To Know: You’re Penis Size!

If you were expecting your partner to let you know whether your penis on the bigger or smaller size, don’t. It’s not just that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings (if talking about small sizes).

Most times, she kind of expects you to already know where you stand on the measuring scale, and size aside, what matters to her is how you use it, not how you flaunt it.

So, unless you are a fan of hesitation, refrain from bringing up the question.


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