How to Create Better Foreplay: 4 Simple Tips

When sharing a bed with a special someone, the last thing on your mind should be a go-in-go-out experience. If you are looking to impress and leave an imprint on your skills, the foreplay is your best bet for nailing the experience. In fact, many sex experts concur that quality foreplay can sometimes be even more exhilarating than the very act.

But, the question as old as time remains - how do you pull off the right kind of foreplay?

Here are our top 4 tips.

Dirty Talking is King

You'll be surprised what some quality dirty talking can do for your foreplay, and all you need to do it are but your words. Dirty talking requires moderation yet enough provocation to get the juices flowing. You don't want to go overboard and start insulting, but you also want to introduce enough sass, in agreement with your partner, of course. If you want to test the waters first, you can opt for some naughty texting, phone calling and teasing. And once you're comfortable enough to say certain things, transfer that knowledge to the bedroom.

Sharing is Caring

As part of your foreplay, you can make it that more sensational by adopting the skill of sharing. Sharing can apply to various aspects that revolve around foreplay. For one, it can indicate that sharing your pleasure with a woman is wise, so no one ends up let down. There is also the sharing of your thoughts and feedback, and listening in return. So, as long as you are giving and willing to communicate, you'll do just fine.

Multiple Orgasms

Now, here is a challenge to fulfil if you want more explosive foreplay in bed. Multiple O's are not easy to achieve, nor give for that matter, but you can always learn from your experiences and use them as your practice field. The more you implement next time, the better results you'll see. And yes, it is better if you do it before having it done to you. It's a gentleman's trait, so treat your lady first.

The Undressing Pace

For efficient foreplay, keep things slow as can be. Once in the bedroom, don't aim straight for the bed. Spend some time before the mirror, see what you like at the other end of it. Undressing can be quite a turn on and created incredible arousal that lets you know what to come, but you're just getting started. Take your time, throw in a dance, make a bold move - you pick. While at it, add a blindfold to the dressing down action - and enjoy the show.