7 After-Sex Habits to Adopt for a Healthier Dating Life!

Physical intimacy calls for self-pampering and care. However, the same can very much be said of after-sex care. When it comes to your physical sexual health, adopting some efficient practices and habits can boost the quality of your intimate encounters and keep you in superb wellbeing. 

Below, we offer 7 important activities to do once the bedroom fun ends.

1. First thing, to the Bathroom!

The most essential part of taking care of your sexual health is peeing after all is said and done. Urinating before and after sex keeps your pelvic muscles and bladder fit as well as flushes possible bacteria and infections from your system.

2. Wear the Right Underwear!

You’d might think underwear has nothing to do with your sexual health, but you’d be wrong. Underwear is quite essential for your skin and circulation, so consider spending a few bucks on cotton boxers or briefs. Breathable underwear prevents crotch tightening and skin irritation, and keeps moisture and, therefore, germs, at bay.

3. Cuddling is Incredible!

After sex, your body is still packed on oxytocin, which makes the ideal opportunity to cuddle. Whether it is your partner or date, physical affection helps share a better sexual experience and grow your intimacy potential.

4. Lots of Water Helps!

It is odd, yet true, hydration does change your sexual performance and keeps your energy optimal. When hitting the bedroom, always bring a bottle of water with you to bed. Eight ounces of water is considered a decent amount to drink daily and help eliminate bacteria and infections from the urinary tract.

5. Snack Smart!

What you do in bed is closely associated with what you eat, especially when it comes to snacks. Choosing an energy-boosting snack, such as chia seeds, green tea or a slice of pineapple is great for your stamina and overall endurance. If you are wondering what to make of your menu, we suggest you start with aphrodisiacs.  

6. Pay a Compliment!

Sweet talking is a great way to end a steamy date, so don’t shy away from complimenting your woman and accepting her praise, too. Again, it all has to do with oxytocin working through your body, so make good use of it and let it work its magic. 

7. Have a Shower!

Just like peeing after sex matters, so does showering. Although water will help flush infections from your body, showering will do the same, but better. A hot shower is a great hygienic splurge as it relaxes the muscles, whereas cold showers help the circulation going and prevent muscle cramps. Now, image what doing a little bit of both does to your body. Exactly. 

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