6 Sex Positions for an Instant Energy Boost!

Is your energy drained after a long day of work but still have a steamy escort date to attend? For most men, exhaustion and sex don’t go well together. But, sometimes, certain sex positions can actually help you replenish all lost energy during the day and show up geared-up for your intimate escort tryst.

Here are 6 super-effective positions to try when you need an extra surge of liveliness!

1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl and its variations make great positions for energy-boosting. The great thing about the cowgirl is that your escort takes the lead and controls the pace, which then leaves your plenty of time to rest between intervals and come back stronger. 

2. Doggy Style

Doggy style takes many shapes and forms and can be a great position to fire up your performance and energy, too. No matter which doggy style variation you choose, it is always recommended to bring a toy into the mix and trust the vibrations to maximize your arousal and performance. 

3. The Seated Bending

To do this position, have a seat on the bed with your legs stretched in front of you. Your date comes on top and bends backwards over your legs. For additional support, allow your escort to use a pillow. In the meantime, enjoy your all-there view and get down to business.

4. The Sideway Straddle

This energizing position will guarantee you a wild night in bed and plenty of time to experiment. To get into it, lie back and keep one leg bent at the knee. Your date should settle in your lap, facing away from you and straddling your bent leg for extra stimulation. For an additional boost of pleasure and dynamics, lift your hips and butt off the ground and do the pounding yourself.

5. A Chair

The great thing about chairs is that you have to be active and dynamic in order to keep the vibe going. Chair positions can be done in a number of ways, so do some research and see what catches your eye the most. Of course, chair positions don’t always have to be about penetration, so feel free to try some hot grinding instead. If you had an explosive quickie on your mind, trust chair positions to deliver the desired effect.

6. Upgraded Missionary

Your usual missionary will get the job done for you every time, but if you crave a bit more action and movement, ask your date to lift one or both her legs over your shoulders. Perfect for deep penetration and controlling your thrusts, this position guarantees to awake every sense bud in your body!

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