6 Household Sex Items You Didn’t Know You Need!

Just because you have no sex toys in your home, it doesn’t mean that you are left with no options. Whenever you want to boost your sex game and enhance your pleasure, sex toys can come quite in handy. But, when you don’t have toys at your disposal, all it takes to make it work is to glance around your home and find hidden items that can serve you erotic pleasure just as good.

Lo and behold, here are 6 household items that can be a great addition to your sex adventures!

Wooden Cutlery

Whether a spatula or a spoon, wooden cutlery can be great for light spanking, clitoris stimulating and even food play. The one thing to remember is to deep-clean your ‘toys’ before using them, but otherwise, wood is considered a body-friendly material that works best when used externally.


An odd choice of sex prop, I know, but mints are seriously underestimated when it comes to sex. Mints have a cool and tingling sensation to them, which makes them quite useful in the bedroom. If you want to up your oral sex game, suck on mint with your partner and get down to business…literally.  

Baby Oil

Got no essential or rubbing oils? Use some baby oil! Baby oil is the cheaper variant of lubricants and can be used for several purposes, including sensual massages and clitoral/penile stimulation. Safe to use and rich in flavours and textures, baby oil is superb for smoother penetration as well as external arousal. 


On one hand, wearing socks will balance your body temperature and keep you warm and fuzzy for your next orgasm. On the other hand, socks, especially if smoother in fabric, can be used as a tool for memorable handjobs and serve as an alternative to flesh-lights. And yes, you are welcome to include socks in your solo sessions, too.

Shower Head

The pressure of warm water against your penis or testicles can create sublime arousal and the same goes for stimulating your partner. With many water flow options, including mist and a faucet-like flow, your shower head can do more for your orgasmic pleasure than you thought.


Wax play is a very popular concept among couples and can be ideal for creating an erotic momentum. For this hot experiment, you can use a regular candle externally, or use a massage candle that will definitely boost your foreplay. One thing to remember about candles and sex is not to use beeswax, as it can cause burns to your skin.

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