6 Erogenous Zones You Need to Know about!

What are the hidden hotspots that amplify pleasure during sex?

Apart from the penis, clitoris, and nipples, we often tend to forget that our entire body is made to feel pleasure when stimulated. Essential for foreplay and experiencing other forms of erotic climax, your body represents a shrine of erogenous zones that can do wonders for your sex life.

Below, let’s discuss 6 main erogenous zones that you may have been neglecting, and how to bring them back in the game!

Erogenous Zones: Lips!

Oh, yes, the lips make one of the most powerful erogenous zones you can stimulate! Your lips are filled with nerve endings and are very responsive to temperature stimulation. Kissing makes a significant part of your sexual excitement and can be a great technique to build your climax. When it comes to using erotic pleasure, don’t rely on using only your lips, but put your tongue to work, too!

Neck and Collarbone!

Among the most sensitive and stimulation-prone areas on your body are also the neck and collarbone. The neck, and especially its sides have countless nerve endings, and even the littlest touch can create arousal. The same goes for the collarbone, where the skin is thinner and, therefore, more responsive to intensity and caressing.   

Erogenous Zones: Ears!

For many, the earlobe is one of the most intimate ways to engage sexual chemistry and excitement. Other than the lobes, though, the ear shells can also boost arousal and desire, so don’t be afraid to grace the ears with some licks, nibbles and breath play.


Just massaging the scalp can produce sexual thrill. The scalp is among the most potent and responsive erogenous zones that often goes unnoticed and that’s quite a shame. Other than with your fingers, you can also use a sturdier comb or a similar object (like a pencil) to awaken those buds waiting to absorb the pleasure.

Erogenous Zones: Inner Wrist!

Kissing the inner wrist is a move we often see in the movies. For a good reason, too, the inner wrist is considered a superb erogenous zone you can experiment with. Together with kissing and massaging, you can also stimulate the area by introducing light bondage.


It’s high time we talk about how the buttocks is one of the most sensational erogenous zones on your body. With as little as doing a finger massage or exploring toy vibrations, you can trigger over a million of nerve endings waiting to play!   

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