5 Things Men Shouldn’t Overthink during Sex!

Overthinking your sexual experiences can be downright draining. For one, you are cutting yourself short on what can be a very sweet pleasure. Two, sex is spontaneous, fun, and unpredictable, and leave no room for stressing over the details of it.

There are many things that happen in the bedroom that can come as unusual or surprising, but if you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, here are 5 things to stop focusing on during sex.

What a Vagina Looks Like, and Then Some!

It seems as though men sometimes feel eek-y around a vagina. Even when you are certain of your moves, there is much to learn about vaginas than plain-and-simple teasing. While most men don’t pay attention to physical vaginal traits (is this a thing?), some oftentimes worry about different sizes, smells, and tastes. But, hey, just as there are various penis types, there are also different vagina types, so for the love of sex, don’t get all yucky in bed, and treat your woman right. 

Body Hair!

Men and grooming are a wonderful combination and a necessary one. The same is true for women, and many men do enjoy styled private parts. But then, there are the moments when life gets too hectic and no one has had the time to groom. So, what do you do? You are not calling sex off, that’s for sure! So you both got a few pubes growing here and there, who cares? Great sex doesn’t, I’ll tell you that much.  


Gentlemen, what’s the worry with women and wetness? Science has said it over and over- natural lubrication happens with a satisfying stimulation and a generous dose of lube. Sadly, many men fear that not getting their woman wet will be seen as a failure. In reality, women need a lot of arousing to get sufficiently wet for sex. So, sharpen your oral skills, bring out the lube, drop the anxiety, and get busy.

Vagina Sounds!

Trust me, there is no reason why men should feel mortified about the sounds a vagina makes during sex. Vaginas make sounds, it is that simple! Yes, your thrusts and intensity can contribute to these sounds, weird noises are not that unfamiliar in sex. Sex noises, even weird ones, are quite alright to happen. After all, that is how airflow works during penetration.


For men, sounds can make or break the quality of sex at times. On one hand, they struggle with a woman who is not vocal enough. On the other hand, they don’t want a screamer in their bed, as it takes the focus of the actual sex. So, how do you meet in the middle? With a normal conversation, of course. Women are very perceptive and responsive, so if asked to tone her sexy voice up or down, they’ll probably will.

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