4 Types of Orgasms You Can Give Your Woman!

Orgasms for women are somewhat different than orgasms for men. For one, women need a longer time to orgasm (read, around 20 minutes!). That said, some women, unfortunately, have more trouble orgasming through sex, which means stimulation is key. Even more, women are capable of having more than one type of orgasm; meaning it is not just the clitoris you need to think about. Aside from your tongue and finger play, women can be brought through climax through other forms of stimulation.

If you want to treat your lady with a steamy session in bed, you first need to learn about the 4 different orgasms every woman has!

Clitoral Orgasms!

The most popular of all, the clitoris oftentimes doesn’t get as much stimulation as it needs. If you want to pull off a successful clitoral stimulation, try to mix things up when going down below. For instance, instead of just using your fingers and tongue, bring a toy to bed and let your partner show you how she wants to be pleased. For women who struggle with orgasming clitorally; start by letting her masturbate in front of you and work your way from there.

Vaginal Orgasm!

The infamous G-spot has long confused men, but with a little persistence, you can make your partner scream your name in bed. The thing about the G-spot is that it is located in a different spot for every woman. For some, the G-spot is located right inside the vagina, whereas for others, you’ll have to dig deeper. The best way to hit the spot is to ask your partner for guidance in terms of intensity and rhythm. Another great thing to know regarding the vaginal orgasm is that it comes after a nice and long sex session; so the longer you last in bed, the greater your chances. 

Blended Orgasms!

The blended orgasm is a mix between clitoral and vaginal orgasm. When both spots are stimulated enough, women can orgasm both externally and internally in a sensation that can last up to 15 minutes! To make this orgasm happen; you will have to work in both fields, meaning stimulating the clitoris and the vaginal walls. The best position for this is missionary, and you can also try double stimulation with your woman on top.


Now, the coregasm is a whole-body experience usually achieved through physical exercise. The O-spot, responsible for the coregasm can be stimulated without having to get physically active; but by being committed and detailed in your pleasure-giving. To give your partner a coregasm, do some cardio exercises together and then get to the bedroom. Here, work the lower abs in your partner and keep her lower waist engaged. While a longer mission, once your partner has a coregasm, you’ll know what real pleasure is all about!

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