3 Key Exercises to Empower Your Sexual Performance

When it comes to sex, leaving the right impression matters a lot. And while opinions in the bedroom are important, sometimes men tend to overthink or over-worry about their performance. In truth, men and women think of sex much differently, and therefore, focus on the different ‘important’ aspects of it.

Are you stressed over your size, body hair, or sex drive? Don’t be!

Here are 6 key things that men dread over in sex, but women don’t mind at all!

Your Fit Body

Having a six-pack can be an advantage in sex, but to women, it is not detrimental for pleasure. Of course, physical fitness is important for many aspects of your health, including healthy sex. Nevertheless, women seem to be more than understanding if you are not a workout fanatic or uphold a body image standard. What does matters to the ladies, however, is having a committed lover, not a cut-out gym master. 

Your Count

Bragging about your sexual experiences and the number of women who shared your bed is just plain badmouthing. Whether it is a casual date or a relationship, no woman enjoys listening to you talk about your past affairs. Long story short, don’t set her up for comparisons, or yourself up for what will be a major sex flop.


I know, size seems to be the key thing men worry about when it comes to sex. And while being well-endowed has its advantages in sex, it is absolutely not the most important thing for women. Every woman has her own definition of small or big penises, and even with so many sizes already out there, technique seems to be far more important.


Yes, grooming before sex can make the experience smoother and more elegant. That said, body hair is not a deal-breaker for women, and grooming won’t help you become a better lover. You know what will, though? Implementing the right skills in bed, hair, or no hair.


All men fear losing an erection in bed, but women seem largely unaffected by it. Namely, women often struggle with having an orgasm themselves, so they know that getting one is a lot of work and effort. Without trying to apologize over and over again about it, use this ‘disadvantage’ to prolong your foreplay.


Everyone makes weird faces during sex, but that is the beauty of it, no? When we orgasm or feel good about being touched, we let go of our inhibitions and allow the pleasure to reflect on our faces. Even though it might not be the prettiest facial expression, a woman will always see it as a natural response to erotic stimulation. 

Did you know that physical exercises can completely transform your sex life?

Beneficial to your overall health as well as your bedroom performance, working out can turn your lovemaking skills from average to astonishing!

From giving you a greater endurance, stamina, and drive to keeping your erections strong and your orgasms even stronger, here are the 3 exercises that empower your sex game! 

Box Breathing

If you are feeling the jitters about your sexual performance, the box breathing technique will come to your rescue. This simple exercise is an excellent way to release body tension and control your breaths. Through these techniques, you will learn how to maintain your arousal for longer and prolong your orgasm. 

The exercise revolves around the concept of breathing. Namely, quick and shallow breaths can make your body tenser, whereas controlled breathing calms you. Simple to do, the box breathing exercise goes like this. Take a breath while you count to four, hold the breath for four additional seconds, and then release it while, again, counting to four. That easy!

Power Kegels

Kegels are a remarkable exercise for men who want to expand their sexual performance and last longer in bed. To do your Kegels, clench the muscles that prevent your urine from coming out.

You should do your Kegel exercises for two or three days a week. Begin by doing 10 rounds of 2-second holds, followed by 20-second pulses in a total of three reps.

Don’t forget to also take mandatory rest between each session!

After a few weeks of actively doing your Kegels, you can do a few solo sessions to ensure your arousal and erection stick.

‘Own the Room’

This incredibly helpful technique is ideal for becoming more present during sex and paying more attention to the pleasure circulating your body. Oftentimes, we forget to be actually present during sex, or we lose focus in the middle of the action, which is where the ‘Own the Room’ exercise comes to your aid!

The Own the Room exercise is composed of three different steps. First, close your eyes and focus on your breath and the way your body moves. Keep your heartbeats in check and explore your emotions with every move you make.

The second part of the exercise revolves around you paying attention to not just your pleasure and sensations, but your woman’s, too. Focus on how you make them feel and how you can make them feel even better. Finally, the third part of the exercise is putting all of your focus into actual practice. Close your eyes, evaluate the space you are in, and be responsible for the pleasure you both give and receive.

Ah, much better, isn’t it?

Source: https://www.jordangrayconsulting.com/3-insanely-powerful-sex-exercises-for-men/

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Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a32741/sex-things-women-dont-care-about/

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