13 Wild and Hot Ideas to Try in Bed with an Escort!

Escorts make the perfect candidates for experimenting in bed, and that is one of the main reasons clients love dating them! Creative, open to trying new things or teaching you a sexy little trick in bed, escorts never shy away from a good bedroom session.

For clients who like to bring something new and refreshing to their raunchy escort dates, here are 13 daring ideas to give a shot!

1. Keep the lights on. Because seeing each other naked and in erotic ecstasy is a different kind of thrill.

2. Talk dirty. And not just when you are in bed with your escort, but outside it, too. Think sexting, teasing, arousing and whispering all those dirty things before the fun even begins. Quite the turn-on, right?

3. Bring out a mirror. If you want a different take on foreplay, doing the teasing in front of the mirror is a knockout idea to try. Place a mirror near your bed and start undressing slowly…that simple.

4. Rough it up. Because a little tension in the bedroom works like magic. Before you start to experiment, first ensure you have your escort’s consent. Don’t go overboard with it, though, as sometimes even a sturdy hair pull will do the trick.

8. Touch yourself. And let your escort watch you. And then, ask her to do the same for you. And once you both get a nice view of the other, do it together and keep watching the real-life show.

9. Take charge. Sometimes, escorts appreciate a client who doesn’t mind taking the lead and who knows to work around a woman. If you are open enough to dominate, you might find the role quite awarding and pleasing.

10. Play with food. Bring out that bucket of ice cream and lick it off each other’s bodies. Too cold for ice cream? How about using whip cream or honey? Tasty and kinky!

11. A game of seduction. Even with an escort, getting what you want immediately can be boring. So, why not seduce your date into wanting everything you do? Even better, why not let her seduce you? Go ahead and think about it.  

12. Enjoy some toying. And I do mean that literally. Show your escort date some fun, earn some fun for yourself while at it. Because who doesn’t love sex toys? Or orgasms?

13. Be a voyeur. A wilder take on your escort date could be a sexy two-girl fantasy, where you begin as an eager and patient voyeur, and end up as part of a trio.   

Source: https://pandagossips.com/posts/2478

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